Bereavement Support Groups

Grief can occur many times in the course of an illness, both before and after the death of someone you love. There is no escaping grief and few of us know how to honor grief - how to be with a grieving person, or how to handle our own grief. Grief has a range of accompanying feelings: anger, loneliness, depression, guilt, relief, sorrow, fear and anxiety. In the midst of grief, we may swing from one emotion to the next, unprepared for the strength of our feelings and uncertain what to make of them.

As part of the continued commitment to bereavement services for both family members of hospice patients and for the community at large, a Bereavement Support Group meeting is held monthly at Community Nursing Services of North East’s office. The meeting consists of helpful information regarding the grief process as well as a time for discussion and sharing. The information shared and discussion will be held strictly confidential as in all hospice services. 

Bereavement Support meetings are held from 3:00 on the third Thursday of the month at 7 Park Street, North East. The meetings are free and open to the public no matter how recent or long ago the loss has occurred. Please call with further questions regarding the meeting. For More Information contact Laurie at (814) 725-4300.